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A curtain hook stopper is a tool used to cease the curtain from falling from the end in the curtain rail. Industrial varieties[edit]

a chunk of material hung around work as a display screen at a window, on the theatre phase and so on. The maid drew the curtains; The curtain arrived down at the conclusion of the Perform. gordyn سِتاره завеса cortina záclona; opona der Vorhang gardin; tæppe κουρτίνα, αυλαίαcortina eesriie پرده verho rideauוילון पर्दा, पर्दा डालना zavjesa függöny tirai gluggatjald; leiktjald tenda, tendina カーテン 커튼 užuolaida, uždanga aizkars; priekškars tirai gordijn gardin, forheng, portière, sceneteppezasłona, kurtyna پرده cortina per­dea; cortină занавеска; занавес záclona; opona zavesa zavesa gardin, draperi, ridå ม่าน perde 窗簾,(舞臺上的)幕 завіса, занавіска پرده màn cửa 窗帘,(舞台上的)幕

curtain phone - an visual appearance by actors or performers at the conclusion of the live performance or Participate in so that you can admit the applause in the audience

He saw a rock that pierced the shifting waters / Because they stilled, now curtained with the Driving / On the waves, and leaped to safety on it.

The appearance of performers or possibly a performer at the conclusion of a functionality to get applause through the viewers.

The coated material is often referred to as a lining, which just refers to a coated material that does not official source have any specific colour or sample.

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